C516 transistor datasheet book

Marking of electronic components, SMD Codes 1F, 1F **, 1F-, 1F6, 1F=***, 1FW, 1Fp, 1Fs, 1Ft. Datasheets BC847B, BC847BL3, BC847BT, BC847BW, IRLML6401, KST5550 ... R6020PNJ Nch 600V 20A Power MOSFET Datasheet lOutline VDSS 600V TO-263 RDS(on)(Max.) 0.25Ω SC-83 ID ±20A LPT(S) PD 304W lInner circuit lFeatures 1) Low on-resistance. 2) Fast switching speed. Jan 23, 2015 · NPN Transistor Examples. 1. Calculate the base current IB to switch a resistive load of 4mA of a Bipolar NPN transistor which having the current gain (β) value 100. I B = I C /β = (4*10-3)/100 =40uA. 2. Calculate the base current of a bipolar NPN transistor having the bias voltage 10V and the input base resistance of 200kΩ. 2SC2570, 2SC2570 Datasheet, 2SC2570 NPN High Frequency Low-Noise Transistor, buy 2SC2570 Transistor